Ciao !!

How does it start ? you like old cars and follow to many sites at the same time
Always looking for the bargain and you see a lot of them
After a night sleep you see that this was not the car
Then you see a car that has it all, an A112 Abarth
From that moment on we are infected.....

We started searching and found an old Alitalia Abarth in a shed, this one is now prepared for dayly use in the future.
We found a old Abart 1971, which we will prepare for the TulpenRalley in the future
It's complete but looks like a box of lego, we have to put everything together

Later we found the yellow Carriola, which we will use for meetings etc
Low milage and looks like new, we are having a lot of fun driving him

So here a site to keep all up-to-date around our A112 and other news
Hope you can learn from us, and we can learn from you !

Mr Carriola